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farewell tour of denverHey friends- just thought I’d check in from amidst the piles of boxes and suitcases and our ‘Denver farewell tour’ (which includes saying goodbye to both our favorite people and our favorite Denver/Colorado places like Garden of the Gods [above], Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, Tocabe, Duffeyroll, etc.).

wash park runWe are in the middle of full on Moving Madness! Our moving-to-Saipan countdown is in the single digits, which means that this week includes all of our ‘lasts’- last family dinner, last Sunday at our church, last Monday with Josie, last Thursday night girls’ group, etc. I have to admit, I am not really looking forward to the ends of eras that all of those mark. The picture above is from my last run on my normal run route around the park near our house.

moving madnessThe (really, REALLY) good news is that Jord and her crew were visiting for the last week, helping us shlep boxes and furniture to storage, keeping us company while we sifted and sorted and packed, helping us whittle (and whittle, and whittle) our take-to-Saipan piles. Turns out people who have moved overseas multiple times have all sorts of moving overseas insight. Go figure.

cousin loveAnd, besides how very helpful they were, it was also just so much fun to have them around. Watching the cousins adore each other simultaneously melted my heart and also killed me a little bit. Knowing that we are adding complication to the already tricky business of seeing each other is rough on this mama’s/auntie’s heart. For now, I am choosing to revel in the sweetness of how much they love each other and trusting that we will figure out how to see them (and the rest of our family and friends!) as often as possible.

This moving stuff has been harder than I thought for sure. And absolutely exhausting. Have any of you moved recently (or are any of you moving currently)? It’s ridiculously tiring, right?

upcoming projectsI have a few fab-u-lous projects that I am writing up to share this week and next week in the middle of the move (maybe even pictures from Kead’s colorful surprise birthday brunch!), so watch for those. And I will be sure to check in with travel details (and a few gratuitous beach pictures) once we arrive and get our bearings. If you think of it, would you pray for sweet goodbyes, easy-as-possible travel and a smooth adjustment to our new digs? Thanks friends!

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  1. For some reason I thought you weren’t moving until the END of June! June 1st is in 2 days!! Love, hugs, and prayers, my friend. Looking forward to reading more about your new and exciting adventures overseas.

    1. Nicole- the time between finding out about the job and actually leaving has gone alarmingly fast. Whoa! Our June 1 flight was cancelled, so leave tomorrow. Again, whoa! Thanks for all of the encouragement- I will post when we’re there and have internet. 🙂

  2. I’m a bit behind on catching up on blog posts so sorry for the late comment! Hope the move has gone well. I wouldn’t worry about the kiddos, cousins are our first friends when we’re little and even if your miles away theres still that special connection. I have cousins close by and far away (Holland, Canada) and when we get together its like no time has passed, we used to keep in contact with our cousins that lived a few hours away via letters (we were obsessed with being penpals when we were younger) and it was such a fun way to stay in touch – our mums pointed out we could phone each other but its so much mroe fun to write…that way you can make up codes and tell secrets lol 🙂 xxx

    1. Charlotte, what an encouragement! I am praying that the cousins adore each other and are each other’s ‘first friends’ just like you are with your cousins. Love the pen pal idea too- how sweet!

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