woodland pie party (with a fabulous pie bar!)

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What better way to ring in fall than with a pie party (complete with a pie-tasting buffet of course).For how much we love pie during the summer (which is a lot… because, strawberry plus rhubarb), fall seems to waken a pie monster around here that Requires Pie. And More Pie.

pie party with the most fabulous of pie stations!Pair the Pie Monster with the fact that there is this magical-woodland park here in Saipan and, really, it was only a matter of time before we put together a Pie Party with the most fabulous of Pie Bars.

pie sampling table at a pie party (this is perfect for fall!)Even better- my (new) friend Sara who runs a bakery here in Saipan made the pies. Moving tip- meet people like Sara as quickly as possible.

table runner made from flame tree flowers (strung onto fishing line)Did you pick up on my Fake Fall garlands? We don’t quite have crunchy leaves and boot weather around here- but we do have a Flame Tree in our yard. Aren’t those red-orange flowers perfect for a Fall Pie Bar? We made the ‘runner’ by stringing the blooms onto waxed thread (we did it the night before and they held up great!).

woodland pie party with a pie tasting tableAnd let’s chat for a second about this Magical Woodland park. It’s next to the most gorgeous beach (that’s the ocean way in the background), but doesn’t it look surprisingly enchanted forrest-y?

magical woodland pie party (with a pie bar)I mean, we live on a tropical island.

pie party with the most fabulous of pie stations!And those wooden/concrete tables are scattered throughout the park. I die. Burke actually had a little chat with me about “why I’m so obsessed with the magical woodland park tables.” Haha!

'magical woodland' pie party (and pie bar!)- perfect for fallI have a feeling you might be seeing more of this ‘magical woodland’ park and its tables in the future! Happy pie party-ing, friends!


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  1. great post of a beautiful park! You made this little beach park look like “real” woods in your photos! Good eye 😉

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