10 realities of being married to a DIY maven (and food blogger)

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10 realities of being married to a DIY maven and food blogger- a husband's (hilarious) take on DIY bloggingWhen Jordan’s husband Drew sent this post over (unsolicited, I might add- we didn’t even give him so much as a ‘prompt’), I pretty much died. And after laughing for a solid half hour as I read this out loud to Adam (who offered stories to support most of the points and also said he has several things to add to this list), I can’t not share this. If you are a DIY maven or a food/party/DIY blogger, you can read this to your husband as proof that he is not alone. Solidarity, friends.

10 Realities of Being Married to a Food Blogger

(written by Jordan’s husband Drew)

1. Your wife leaves Pinterest up on the laptop and you find yourself actually looking at it and having opinions. Then you come back to reality and close the window feeling ashamed and promise yourself that no bro will ever hear about that moment

10 realities of being married to a creative soul- cold food2. Amazing food is cooked at your house. Fresh exotic ingredients are purchased or even grown. However all your meals are served cold on account of the number of pictures that will be taken of each dish.

3. At times you will walk into your house and think you have been robbed. Then you realize that tomorrow is probably one of your 200 closest friends’ baby shower, birthday party, wedding shower, anniversary or bar mitzvah.

4. Trips into “regular” stores are more like reconnaissance missions. You don’t buy much there, but your wife will pick up lots of different items and says the familiar phrase “I can make this.”

10 realities of being married to a creative soul5. You have more than once purchased a new piece of furniture and before you get home you hear about a plan to paint it. All efforts to discourage this are a waste of time.

6. You learn to speak code. On Saturday you go to get the car washed and on the way out the door your wife asks you to “Run into HL and grab a new embossing gun, three cork trivets and 2” circle punch” and you don’t even need her to clarify.

10 realities of being married to a creative soul- so. many. scissors.7. Your wife owns more pairs of scissors than shirts. Somehow even though you already have 13 different styles you are missing that one you need for tomorrow and a 9pm trip to the store is a necessity.

8. Your house is full of baskets. The need to organize all the different things in your house is always solved by purchasing more baskets. Separate baskets for tape, glue, ribbons, embellishments, paper and more than you want to know different genres of décor.

IMG_80959. Glitter. That’s all. Just glitter.

10. Your house might be a mess and you might question the value of the time spent on these different projects but you go to sleep at night knowing that your wife is a fun creative individual who goes out of her way to makes others feel celebrated and special no matter what. That is why I am glad that I married her, even with these crazy realities that are our life.

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