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denver city guide- a travel guide for familiesIn preparation for our travels later this month, I have been scouring the internet for Hong Kong and Singapore City Guides, especially kid-friendly ones. And our recent Must-See travel list making has (unintentionally) generated quite the “When we go to Denver next Spring” to do list (which is pretty much a Denver City Guide for families with kids).

Since I’m right in the middle of using other people’s expertise to plan our family’s travel, I thought I’d share our Must See Denver list here in case any of your families are visiting this fabulous city anytime soon (be warned- the list isn’t exhaustive by any means- there are just so. many. great things to do and see in Denver… Also, if you are planning a grown-ups only visit, there is a great Denver City Guide here).

Our Denver Must See City Guide-


Heading to Denver? This list of Denver Must-See's is perfect for families!The Denver Zoo

Denver Botanic Gardens (there is an especially fabulous children’s section where we usually spend the bulk of our time!)

The Museum of Nature and Science

Denver with kids city guideGarden of the Gods (in Colorado Springs, but worth the drive)

Tattered Cover Book Store

Sweet Action Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream

Denver with kids- a city guideBonnie Brae Ice Cream

Colorado Rockies Game (even better if you take the train downtown)

Wash Park (rent a paddle boat, walk around the 3 mile loop, or just head to one of the playgrounds)




Voodoo Doughnuts

Heading to Denver? This list of Denver Must-See's is great for families!Devil’s Food Bakery



Tocabe (our kids’ very favorite!)

Thai Basil 


denver with kids city guideLa Loma Mexican Restaurant (our kids love to watch the tortillas being made)

Pasquinis (if you go on Tuesday nights, kids eat free and can make their own pizza!)

Saucy Noodle

Park and Co.

Denver is a seriously amazing city, and a perfect place to visit with kids!

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  1. No advice, but I can’t wait to hear about your travels to Singapore. I’d love to go there but have heard how expensive it is.

  2. If you are going to Singapore , I would think Lorraine (LiEr) Teigland of ikatbag ( would be the best person to contact. She is after all a native Sinagporean ! And she travels every year with three kids from the States to Sinagpore.

  3. Great post! We were mostly doing wedding stuff when we went to Hong Kong so I am not the best to give advice, but Ocean Park is supposed to be better than Hong Kong Disney. I personally would do both if I had time. Ocean Park is amazing but don’t go on a high traffic day. It can get extremely crowded. We once waited in line for close to two hours in a line that shuffled the whole time. Really horrible. Other than that, it is fun and quite charming. Lots to do and see there. Just time your visit right if you can.

    Try an “American” diner there. It’s fun to see how they view American food. If you need food your kids are familiar with, they have Subway and restaurants like that as well.

    Just walking the streets of Kowloon is fun. The late night markets are super fun, but not exactly kid friendly since some of them don’t even open until 9 or 10 at night I think? It depends on the market. There is a playground area in Middle Road on the Kowloon side. The ferry is of course fun for the kids…That’s all I have. I have heard of fun islands that you can visit and hang out on the beaches and stuff….some hikes, etc. Just stock UP on water bottles, because that will be your only source of water. Water is much cheaper at 7 eleven (they are everywhere). If you go to an event or attraction the water will triple in cost.

    Have fun!

    1. I love all these tips and ideas- thanks for the reminder about water! 7 eleven? That’s funny!
      We’re planning on going to Ocean Park for sure- juries still out on Hong Kong Disney. 😉 And Subway is one of the only ‘familiar’ places to eat here too (we eat there a couple times a month!).
      Thanks for the ideas friend!

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