sequin covered wooden spoons

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how to make sequin covered wooden spoonsI am a firm believer that glitter is the answer to many of life’s questions. A plain black dress needs a little something extra? Add sparkle and it comes to life.

how to make sequined wooden spoonsThe same goes for party décor- there are these cute little wooden spoons that need to be glammed up to pair with Crème Brulee shot glasses. Cover them in sequin and call it good.

how to make sequin covered wooden spoonsTo make these, I taped off the ‘spoon’ portion (for food safety) and painted the spoon stem with metallic paint. Then I let the paint dry and hot glued various sized gold sequins along the entire gold portion. Done- ready for the sweetest cloud baby shower!

how to make sequin covered wooden spoonsAnd perfect for pairing with Crème Brûlée in shot glasses (figuring out to make the creme brûlée in the shot glasses was such an effort in trial and error and neither Adam nor I can remember how we finally got it to work… I guess we’ll have to try it again- you know, for the blog. It’s a hard life.). For now, happy glittering, friends!

ps- Wouldn’t these be fun for Thanksgiving place settings? Or a New Year’s party?

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