radio silence

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psalm 73:25-26As you probably guessed, we weren’t quite planning on the summer being this quiet, blog wise. As you also probably guessed, the adoption that fell through in May hit us pretty hard as a family, which is the main contributor to the radio silence.

The other primary contributor is that I just haven’t really had many words- no words about the disrupted adoption, no words about our grieving, no words about God’s goodness that we have seen peaking through the clouds (and sometimes shining like the noonday sun) through these last few months, not even any words about sewing or parties or house stuff (and I never seem to lack those kinds of words).

Funnily, I have spent so much time sewing this summer. Piper’s wardrobe has an ever changing new “favorite,” mostly because of the ever expanding contents of her closet. My capacity for creativity has not been high (I’ve been sewing from other people’s lovely patterns and books, and also have revisited a few old favorites), but it has been fun to spend so much time in front of my sewing machine (and also I’ve never been so thankful that we live in the land-of-cheap-massages).

summer reading recommendationsI have also fully embraced reading-as-therapy (or at least downtime from my own thoughts). I have a whole list of new-favorite books and authors, kind of like Piper and her ever-evolving favorite dress this summer. Want a good read? Can I suggest The Dressmaker, Love Does, Screwtape Letters (rereading this currently- the last time I read it I was in college and as I read, I keep remembering why I liked it so much), None Like Him, every book by Kate Morton, Orphan Train, A Dream So Big, The Kitchen House and Glory Over Everything. All so good, even if you don’t need to get out of your own head- haha!

Someday soon I’d like to put together an actual post about the ways we have seen God’s goodness and faithfulness this past year, and specifically this summer- He is writing quite the story here. And even though I don’t even begin to understand His mysterious ways, the Lord’s nearness has been everything to us this summer.

I’m hoping to ease back into posting (and creating content, and photoshooting said content)- see you around here more often in the coming weeks!

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