what we’re drinking- sugar free green tea arnold palmers

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what we're drinking- green tea arnold palmers
Summer has always been my favorite.

what we're drinking- green tea arnold palmersI love it even more now with kiddos. Summer as a mama is pretty much the best- no school and no alarm clocks, dawdling, no schedule, pools and beaches, family time with Jesus. And especially coming out of a fairly stressful season- the lack of schedule has been such a respite for us.

what we're drinking- green tea arnold palmersOur weekly schedule includes staying in our pjs until noon a few days a week, several batches of homemade salsa, a daily pitcher of green tea arnold palmers, and lots of beach time.

what we're drinking- green tea arnold palmersEven though school is starting back up soon (depending on where you live), this homemade green tea arnold palmer recipe is still definitely worth trying.


6 lemons, juiced

1/2 cup Swerve sweetener or agave

Strongly brewed green tea (4-6 tea bags)

Instructions- Mix the green tea with the sweetener, stir in lemon juice. Fill a pitcher with ice and pour tea mixture over the ice. Chill and drink.

what we're drinking- green tea arnold palmersCheers (and happy August), friends!

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  1. Love the recipe. But I will prefer adding some honey to harmonize the flavor. The drink is good for winter, in particular your lung against cold weather, of course with hot served

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