DIY modern baby romper

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how to make a modern baby boy romperhow to make a modern baby boy romperhow to make a modern baby boy romperY’all. Last night I was scrolling through old pictures (ok, honestly, I was trying to delete enough to upload my latest pictures… I *might* have a photo hoarding problem). And I came across a bunch of teeny tiny baby Bohden-in-various-rompers-that-I-made-him-once-upon-a-time pictures. And my heart melted and exploded at the same time of cute and nostalgia and disbelief that he is already so big.DIY modern baby romperAnd I realized that I never shared these sweet little baby rompers that I made for him.

how to make a modern baby boy romperLuckily, I wrote down the directions when I made them, because there is zero chance I’d be able to remember how I did it- haha.

how to make a modern baby boy romperAlso- HOW IS HE SO CUTE!?!? His absolute adorable-ness is paired with the sweetest personality, too (when these pictures were taken, I couldn’t have even imagined what a lovable, goofy, DARLING little personality he’d turn out to have). Ohmygosh I love him so much.

How to make a baby romper (like the ones shown)-

how to make a modern baby boy romper


Printed fabric (I used Leah Duncan’s Manhattan fabric and Emma Jean Jansen’s Tram fabric in Mustard)

Colored fabric snaps and snap fastener


Trace an existing romper to make your pattern pieces (I used a Nui Organics one as my template). Include the front piece, the back piece, and the straps. Also, make a rainbow-shaped facing to add some weight to the crotch (so the fabric doesn’t rip when you add snaps).

Cut out exterior pieces- one back piece, one front piece, four strap pieces and four rainbow facing pieces. Also, trace the top of the front and the back and extend about midway down the romper- these will be your lining pieces. Cut out.

Double roll and press under bottom edge of the lining pieces. Sew, finishing edge, and set aside.

Add squares of interfacing to the bottom edge of the strap pieces. Place together, right sides facing each other. Sew around three edge, leaving the top open (the non interfaced end). Turn right side in. Press.

Attach crotch facing. Press under, top stitch.

Double roll and press the leg bottoms.

Sew the front and back together along the sides, right sides facing in. Sew the lining pieces together along the sides, right sides facing in.

Slide the lining into the romper, right sides touching. Sandwich the straps between the back piece and the lining back piece. Sew along neckline, armholes, and back top. Back stitch a couple of times as you go over each strap.

Hem the legs.

Add snaps to the straps and to the crotch and you’re done!

DIY modern baby romperThe sweetest modern baby romper for the CUTEST baby boy!

DIY mordern baby romper
how to make a romper for a baby boy

(If you want to make a lined version of this romper, the instructions are here.)

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