a week off!

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Life lately has been quite the whirlwind.

And next week, Adam has a whole four days off for his ‘summer break’ (those dental school schedulers are slave drivers, I tell you), and we have big plans.

Think popsicles…

…and pool time…

…and frozen yogurt and grilled pizza…

…and maybe some cleaning and organizing (I probably shouldn’t admit this on the internet, but I love using time off to organize-haha) but very little project undertaking (well, besides the aformentioned cleaning)! 🙂

Even better, our youngest sister (Kedron) and my a.dor.able nephew are coming for a visit, and I can’t wait for some Sister Time!

I might check in once or twice (and Jord might check in, too), but mostly, this week is for sleeping enjoying my sweet family and the gloriousness of Denver in the summer! See you next week!

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  1. The last photo is just gorgeous! I love how the green just pops in the background and it makes you and your sister look stunning!

  2. POOL TIME!! I sure do need some sun with this Texas heat I've been staying in most of the days…Hope all is well and have a blast!!

  3. What a huge adventure Jordan!! Best of luck with it, and we'll all still be reading along, enjoying it with you. Hope all goes really well for your family!

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