pink donut bar

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pink donut station- perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers!There is something about living on this oh-so-bright island that makes me want to douse everything in a liberal shower of pink (ok, I kind of feel like that all the time, but the pink-pull is even stronger with the festival of pink flowers, sunsets, and even houses, all around me).

pink donut stationAnd then I found some pictures of a Donut Bar from awhile back that are extra pink! And I figured that the dashes of pink sprinkled throughout are perfect inspiration for a bridal shower or summer-y party.

pink donut buffetOk, you got me, a donut station is kind of the perfect year round treat and would pair well for almost any occasion and in any season.

homemade donut holes for a donut barEspecially if you have a donut-connoisseur-husband who tries out donut hole recipes for fun (his favorite recipe is here, just FYI). Though, the regular sized donuts are from Winchell’s (which we have here in Saipan as well- who would’ve guessed!?!)- there is only so much homemade one party can handle.

pink donut bar/donut stationI made several glazes to pair with the donuts/donut holes and serve as a base for the toppings (coconut, sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, nuts and bacon, which was by far the most popular!). Of course, I just had to make the grapefruit rosemary glaze and the lemon thyme glaze again and added a vanilla glaze and a rhubarb glaze to the mix this time (so good! In fact, just typing that makes me want to try to figure out another occasion that requires a Donut Bar so I can make those glazes again).

IMG_0306-001After looking through these old pictures, I can’t wait to put together another Donut Bar again soon. Perhaps even on the beach next time?

ps- These donut station printables are available in the Shiny Happy Sprinkles etsy shop (in several different color palettes).

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    1. Chantelle- we are making something similar for my daughter’s birthday party this weekend (but with Churros instead of donuts). The glazes and toppings are so fun! Thanks for the sweet comment!

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