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We have smart friends.

Many years ago (when I was still teaching, Adam was still working away in the wild world of finance and Burke and Piper were still on the To Make list), said smart friends started a Friday night babysitting swap.  The idea is that one couple watches a crew of kids (eight to be exact- ages 9 months to 6 years old) once every six weeks and then has the other five Friday nights from 6:00-10:00 wide open.

We are proud benefactors of their genius (see the picture above of five kids crammed into Burke’s refrigerator-box-house during our turn at babysitting swap)… This leaves us with time on Friday nights for things like a date.  Or meandering through J Crew and Janie and Jack and Baby Gap (which never, I repeat, never! happens during the week when I have the two monkeys with me).  Last Friday night, I found all sorts of fall wardrobe fabulousness for Burke and Piper Jane- fabulousness that we can’t afford, but inspiration nonetheless.

Corderoy hat at Janie and Jack

Cuffed pants, Janie and Jack

Ruffled dresses at J Crew

Little capelet at Janie and Jack

Cableknit sweater dress at Janie and Jack

More corderoy, more Janie and Jack

I kept seeing baby leggies everywhere, too…. perhaps these are another solution to my no-cute-newborn-bottoms problem?

SO CUTE, right?  Now, what are the chances that I can whip up a whole batch of fall clothes and accessories in the next month or so?  Any suggestions on that? Haha!

Are you making any fall wardrobe fabulousness right now?

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  1. tell us more about the babysitting swap – that sounds awesome! do all the kids just stay up until parents come and get them? or do they go to bed? i love this!

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