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Hey friends! Just wanted to introduce you to a friend of ours. Kerry is heading to the Dominican Republic in May on a missions trip.

And one of the (many! fabulous!) items she’s auctioning to raise support for her trip is a kojo gift certificate. If you were planning on ordering stationary or a onesie, this is a great chance to get it on sale AND support the Todds work in the Dominican Republic. Some of the other goodness? Fabric, prints, patterns, fabulousness! Go over, check out the stuff, support her trip!

More info about Kerry’s trip-
May 17, 2011 our team will be going to the poorest areas of the Dominican Republic just outside of Santiago and in the slums of Santo Domingo itself. The people in these areas have been ignored for generations, no medical or spiritual care.
They have been oppressed spiritually by the voodoo superstitions brought in from Haiti and the Dominican government, strapped financially, has been hard pressed to provide adequate medical care to these wonderful people. The government clinics are manned by just graduate medical students, with no residency training. The medical supplies in the clinics are so lacking that the doctors often don’t show up because they have no medicine to offer their patients. Due to their spiritual vulnerability and lack of adequate medical care the poor of the Dominican Republic suffer with one of the highest venereal disease rates and infant mortality rates in the world.

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