a rainbow of bowties and dresses for Asian Hope

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Can I tell you two secrets, friends?

1- I’ve never been so excited about a challenge theme as I have been for Charity Week at Sewvivor; what a genius idea!

2- In my enthusiasm for this theme, I might’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I was still finishing up my projects yesterday and sent my entry over to Rach at the very last minute. And you should see my craftroom house. At least they’re all done now, right?

With those off my chest, I’m so excited to tell you more about the work that Asian Hope is doing in Cambodia (and to show you the nine bow ties and seven reversible dresses that make up my fundraiser for this worthy organization!).

Asian Hope is an organization whose primary goal is to help Cambodia rebuild and recover after the genocide under the Khmer Rouge and the subsequent civil war. Since educated citizens were the targets of Pol Pot’s regime, the country lost not only about a fourth of its population, but many of its leaders. Through schools, orphanages, a higher education program and a Village Development initiative, Asian Hope is helping impoverished children by giving them homes, education, and hope.

Y’all, I cannot say how impressed Adam and I have been by this organization. We’ve met the students in the higher education program and heard their stories and we’ve seen the impact of Asian Hope‘s schools and orphanages. We’re even planning a trip to Cambodia next winter to work with this organization!

And today, the kojo shop is full of reversible dresses and bow ties. The proceeds of the sales of these items will go to the support of Asian Hope‘s work in Cambodia.

There’s a rainbow of bowties (since they have elastic in the back, I think they’d fit 2T-4T… maybe even 5T)…

…and seven reversible dresses in various sizes (a couple 5T’s, one 3T, one 2T, and three 18m dresses).

Two things-

1- Would you consider supporting Asian Hope (through this fundraiser or otherwise)? The dresses and bow ties are all up for sale right now!

2- Would you take a minute to vote for my project at Sewvivor’s Charity Week Challenge today (voting closes at 10pm MST)? Today’s voting determines the Top 3 (I have a fabulous project in mind for pleats!). Thanks all!

***UPDATE- Several of the items have sold already- sorry if you couldn’t find what you were looking for!

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