world water day raffle- help provide water, jobs & hope in uganda

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world water day raffleYou might remember when we partnered with my dear friend, Mandy, last year to raise money to train well mechanics in India for The Adventure Project.

We have been so impressed with The Adventure Project’s efforts to create jobs and provide water in order to break cycles of extreme poverty (in fact, we support this organization financially ourselves).

So, of course, when Mandy was organizing a World Water Day Raffle Round 2, we wanted to be a part of it.

world water day kojo saleOne part of our contribution to the raffle will be from a one day sale in our etsy shop on March 22nd, World Water Day (all of our complete party sets will be $10, which is a $25 savings!). So if you’ve been wanting to throw a Sprinkled with Love party, or a bicycle party, or a Ready to POP shower, that’s the day to get your printables!

Better yet, Mandy’s World Water Day Raffle is already going! You can bid on everything from books to cupcakes to peasant dresses to a photography session. Mandy’s goal is to raise $5000 (enough to install a well and train a well mechanic and a meter man for the well in Uganda).

I love efforts that contradict the idea that we are small, that we don’t have much, that our contributions won’t matter. That’s just not true. Last year, this raffle raised enough to train four (YES FOUR) well mechanics in India. I’m beyond excited to see what happens this year!

world water day bannerWould you take a minute to check out the World Water Day Raffle and join me in this effort to provide water, jobs and hope in Uganda?

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  1. ugh, i’m so bummed i already bought the sprinkle party! i would have loved to help you out with this.

    such an awesome cause though. i will definitely check out mandy’s site too.

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