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I think y’all know this already, but adoption is super close to our hearts. And, despite their tumultuous journey so far, our friends Josh and Elise are hoping to adopt.
Which brings us to two huge favors we have to ask of y’all-
If you know someone (or hear of someone) who is pregnant and looking for adoptive parents for their baby, would you get in touch with Josh and Elise?

And would you tell people about them (or perhaps put their button on your sidebar)? The more people who know their story, the more circles they touch, and the higher the chances that they find a birth mama looking for adoptive parents.

Their contact info is on their blog (their caseworker’s info is on there too).
If you have a chance, go say hi and let them know you’re spreading the word and waiting with them for the happy day when they meet their peanut!

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  1. I hope they'll find happiness quickly. My husband and I just got kicked out from the adoption procedure for reasons we don't understand (his kids being to old is one of them). It was my last chance to be a mother and I truly hope as few women as possible have to go through that

  2. It is a hard journey. Our dear friends had a really tough time in the process for years but finally had success through the organization called Project Cuddle. They have 2 gorgeous daughters that they got as newborns. Definitely have them look into this organization if they haven't!

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