a cozy hot chocolate bar for the snow bunny party

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hot chocolate bar- the coziest drink stationIt’s no secret that we love a good drink station (see mimosas, sangriamore mimosaslemonade). And a Hot Cocoa Bar is the most classic of drink bars.

hot chocolate bar ideasPlus, for a Snow Bunny themed party, what could be more cozy?

hot cocoa bar tip- for easy access to hot water, add a keurig/single cup brewer (and directions for use) to your hot chocolate serving areaThe addition of the Keurig provided a source of always available, constantly hot water- perfection. I am doing another Hot Chocolate Bar soon and will definitely bring the Keurig along for that one as well.

hot chocolate bar ideashot cocoa bar ideasOf course, we had hot chocolate (we used Starbucks packets in a variety of flavors, but you could also make hot cocoa on a stick)…

hot cocoa bar ideas…and a few variations of marshmallows.

hot chocolate bar mix-in ideasFor mix-ins, we set out a buffet of chocolate chips, cherry chips, cinnamon chips, butterscotch chips, mint chocolate chips, cappuccino chips, dark chocolate chips, and sprinkles (for the hot cocoa bar that accompanied the Chocolate Shower, there were even more mix-ins if you’re looking for more ideas).

hot cocoa bar mix in ideasWe also had a Grown Ups Only section of wedding cake vodka, chocolate liqueur, amarula cream, and espresso vodka to add a little ‘punch’ to a traditional cocoa concoction.

hot chocolate bar ideas and how to

And for kid-friendly options, we had a whole lineup of syrups- vanilla, hazelnut, valencia, cinnamon, raspberry, coconut, and peppermint.

hot cocoa bar ideasA Hot Cocoa Bar is such a great way to add a touch of cozy warmth to a winter party, shower or even wedding- it is one of those drink stations that I will just keep doing again and again because of how perfect it is for winter!

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    1. Thanks Spencer! Funny thing- the day of the party ended up being so warm outside that we didn’t drink much cocoa (ironic, right?)… 😉

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