DIY ‘everything is awesome’ lego shirt

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DIY 'everything is awesome' Lego shirt with free templateI will sound like such a snob for saying this, but I hate ‘character clothing.’ Light up My Little Pony shoes? Ninjago shirts? So not my style.

DIY 'everything is awesome' Lego shirt (with free printable template)But, guys, my kids would wear clothing with characters splashed all over it every day if I let them (#ugh).

DIY 'everything is awesome' Lego shirt (with free printable template)In an effort to recognize their interests (and simultaneously protect their closets from becoming overrun with Rainbow Dash and Sensei Wu), I have been trying to tailor the clothing I make for them to their interests du jour, minus the overt character craziness (like Piper’s kitty tunic- not overtly character themed, but still right up her alley).

DIY 'everything is awesome' lego shirt (with free printable template)Since Burke lives, breathes and dreams Legos (and since we had a trip to Legoland Malaysia on the docket), I thought I’d try to make him a Lego-y shirt.

DIY 'everything is awesome' Lego shirt (with free printable template)And, friends, with nary a character in sight, this “Everything is Awesome” shirt was a gigantic hit!

DIY 'everything is awesome' lego shirt (with free printable template)I mean, Burke is one of the easiest to please kids in the history of the world, but still. He loves this shirt. And I am so glad!

DIY 'everything is awesome' lego shirt (with free printable template)And for those of you with little Lego fiends in your house, I thought I’d pass along the everything is awesome shirt template. I just traced the image onto freezer paper, cut to make a stencil, ironed onto a plain shirt (I love the everyday tees by Crewcuts), ironed straight lines in a triangle shape around the letters, painted with fabric paint and let dry. Then I peeled off the stencil and, voila! A Lego-ish shirt that is character-snob-mom friendly as well. Also, totally making another version of this for Burke for Christmas! Any ideas for other Lego-y phrases/symbols I could use?

DIY 'everything is awesome' lego shirt (with free printable template)ps- Legoland Malaysia was seriously so. much. fun! I thought after the kids’ crazy buildup it was certain to be a letdown. But nope- it was awesome.

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  1. Characters are only allowed on PJs in our house! ( though I think my oldest had some with puffed sleeves which didn’t bother me.) Love the shirt – hope you had a great time!

  2. I’m the same as Nicole above me-only on PJ’s! Or on trips to disneyland I allow the character tees. Or if they beg. Ok so I cave sometimes but most of the time I dislike them too! I love this tee though!

    1. Like I said to Nicole, same rule here. I thought I was the only one… When my kids get a character-y shirt, they say, “Thanks for the jammies!” HAHA. 😉

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