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free printable play camerasAre your kids as enthralled with taking pictures as mine are? They’re obsessed. In fact, my camera roll is filled with selfies of two small blondies. And pictures of every piece of furniture in our house. And also pictures of our cat Tiger (who I don’t even really like).

free printable play camerasWhile I love their interest, I don’t so much love them using my phone (nor the ipad, which is also filled with their artistry).

free printable play camerasEnter these printable cameras.

free printable play camerasY’all, I made these on a whim, hoping that Burke and Pi would like them, but having no idea how much fun they’d have with these cameras-made-from-cardstock.

free printable play camerasI even ended up making a photog checklist and polaroid frames which were similarly popular with Burke and Pi- they especially love drawing their ‘photos’!

free printable play camerasSince my kids were over the moon for these, I thought I’d pass along the free printables (here’s the printable camera and the printable polaroid camera) so that your kids can enjoy them too. Both camera printables include the polaroid frames and photog checklists.

free printable play camerasI should mention that we’re already on our second batch of cameras (the cardstock holds up fairly well, but tends to dent with, ahem, frequent use). It makes me think that fabric cameras would make fantastic stocking stuffers this year- though, I might just print off a whole set of polaroid frames for each of them instead (#easier).

free printable play camerasAre your Smooches similarly camera obsessed?

ps- I know that the last picture is not that great quality, but it’s my favorite of all, so I had to include it.

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  1. This is such a cute idea! Haha, I didn’t know you guys had a cat! I love seeing those sweet faces….. Miss you guys!

    1. Love seeing your face on here sweet friend!
      Oh Tiger. We kind of inherited him. He supposedly kills mice/rats so we keep him around. I tolerate him better than Adam does- haha.

  2. These are adorable. My kids are constantly taking photos when they’re allowed to play on their Leapster GS and it cracks me up. I limit video game time and they use theirs to walk around the house and take photos of the things around them. Ha!

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