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how to make a travel lego carrierThe idea of a travel lego box is totally not new (in fact, I made one for Burke a few years ago). But I put together a super easy version for our trip to Europe a couple summers ago, and now that same Lego carrier has now made its way around the world. It was so easy (SO EASY) that I thought I’d share.

how to make a travel lego carrierIn fact, this is more of a PSA than anything else. If you can gather supplies and use scissors, you can put this travel lego box together.

how to make a travel lego carrierAnd isn’t that just what all summer-mama’s (and travel families) need? A super easy way to keep kiddos entertained and legos corraled?

DIY lego carrier (for travel and easy transport)All you need is a container (I used a metal tin from The Container Store, similar to this metal lunchbox), a Lego Creator 3-in-1 set (having one set that can make three different final products maximizes your space!), a Lego baseplate (cut to the size of your container), a pouch or envelope for the directions, and (if you want) a sticky base plate and some adhesive lego tape to decorate the outside.

how to make a travel lego carrierAssemble and tuck into a backpack (or carryon someday when flights resume).

DIY lego carrier (for travel and easy transport)And then watch your kiddo break out this handy dandy carrier in parks and in airbnbs and in cherry orchards and on old stone steps and on trains and on planes…

how to make a travel lego carrier… and feel thankful again and again and again for SUPER EASY travel Lego boxes!

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