harry potter party- honeydukes (and a heap of free printables)


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harry potter birthday party- honeydukes sweet shoppe

Did you know that Harry Potter’s birthday is July 31st? In honor of HP’s birthday month, we have a whole lineup of Harry P projects coming your way this month! And to start us off- MINI HONEYDUKES (from the Harry Potter Party)!

harry potter birthday party- honeydukes sweet shoppe

I will be honest- this mini Honeydukes took forever to put together. Just so many treats and so much packaging to assemble. Though- y’all directly benefit from all this effort because there are a heap of free printables to follow.

harry potter birthday party- honeydukes sweet shoppe
harry potter birthday party- honeydukes sweet shoppe

Our Honeydukes set up included-

printable Chocolate Frog boxes (we made chocolate frogs with this mold and these dark cocoa candy melts and put them inside)

Berties Botts printable boxes (we got a big jar of JellyBellies and separated them into little clear treat bags tucked into the printable boxes)

Honeydukes printable logo (we put this on all sorts of treats- large lollipops, Ikea chocolate bars, licorice wands, treat boxes, etc!)

Other Harry Potter Honeydukes treats we served (and their free printable labels) –

harry potter party mini honeydukes
harry potter birthday party- honeydukes sweet shoppe

-“Cauldron Cakes” (hostess cupcakes in chinese takeout boxes)

-“Fizzing Whizzbies” (sour gummy squares)

-“Lemon Drops” (lemon drops in treat bags)

-“Acid Pops” (tootsie roll pops dipped in karo syrup and then dipped in pop rocks)

-“Honeydukes Chocolate” (Ikea chocolate bars with Honeydukes labels)

-“Pepper Imps” (peppermint sticks, packaged in plastic bags)

-“Cockroach Clusters” (chocolate clusters packaged in cute kraft boxes)

-“Licorice Wands” (red vines in fry boxes with Honeydukes labels)

-“Chocolate Peppermint Sticks” (chocolate peppermint sticks in parchment/glassine bags)

harry potter party mini honeydukes

After gathering all the treats (and the packaging I already had on hand), it seemed easiest just to create my own labels for all of the treats we served. And now I’m sharing them with you!

harry potter party printables

Our mini-Honeydukes = my favorite (ok, ok, I loved the whole Harry Potter party).

how to make Honeydukes Sweet Shop for a Harry Potter Party


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